High-capacity warehouses

DRISPO, Ltd, carried out the reconstruction of a floor for a multinational company based in Germany that produces lighting equipment. The company wanted the original floor renovated so that the surface would not crack or become scuffed. Fortelock PVC interlocking tiles were a fast and reliable solution. The antiskid, fixed, perfectly-mated interlocking pieces created the ideal surface for withstanding heavy loads.

What the client says:

We chose Fortelock for the client due to the variety of the substrate, particularly the cracks in the floor. We needed to make these technical shortcomings not appear in the surface finish.
We also wanted the floor to bear the weight of the machines without becoming damaged.

Patrik Michalčík, co-owner of DRISPO, Ltd.

Details of the installation
Installation contractor DRISPO, Ltd.
LocationNové Zámky
Area275 m2
Material usedFortelock 2025 Red, Fortelock 2025 Grey, Fortelock 2020 Red, Fortelock 2020 Grey
Year of installation 2016

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