Garage, Olomouc

When selecting the covering for renovating the original floor in the garage, Fortelock Light PVC interlocking tiles for medium loads was chosen. This type of flooring has versatile uses both in garages and in other utility rooms at home.

There was no need to adapt the original surface. The tiles could be immediately installed after sweeping. The quick and easy installation made the whole process very comfortable and the garage ready for immediate use.


What the customer says:


I am very satisfied with your product. The installation was very quick and easy. I chose Fortelock for the fast and easy installation and the way it looks nice.
I wish you much success in your outstanding work.

Best regards,
Mádr Vítězslav

Details of the installation
Carried out for Vítězslav Mádr
Location Olomouc
Area 20 m2
Material used Fortelock Light 2060 Grey
Year of installation 2016

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