Garage, France

Fortelock Industry PVC floor tiles not only let you easily fix the original unsightly surface of the garage, which no longer meets the basic functional and aesthetic requirements anyway, but also easily demarcate a parking space. Simple maintenance means keeping the floor clean is very easy. The chosen diamond tread pattern safeguards the surface from the risk of slippage.

What the client says:

What intrigued me most in choosing it was the simplicity and speed of installation.
As an alternative, I considered paving, but the installation was not simple for me, and then also a wooden floor, but again there was the risk of dripping oil and the inability of cleaning it.
Finally, I have to say that apart from the ease and speed of installation, it also
looks good.

Garage owner

Details of the installation
Location France
Area 21 m2
Material used Fortelock Industry 2010 Grey
Year of installation 2016

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