Garage, Austria

A simple solution is the most effective way many times over. This rule also applies when renovating the old, original floor in the garage. After consideration, Fortelock Light PVC interlocking tiles were chosen because their structure ensures a non-slip surface, easy maintenance and simple installation. The floor is highly resistant to the leakage of any machinery fluids. The system of fixed interlocking pieces can withstand the constant rolling of wheels on the floor.


What the client says:

“I needed to change the old floor in the garage for a new one. I had two options. I could both destroy the old floor and build a new one, but that would create a lot of dust everywhere, and I didn’t want to get into any ‘dirty work’, and it would have also been rather time-consuming and I don’t have a lot of time. Or I could install a new, durable one on top of the old one.
So I started looking for a
floor that was easy to install, but at the same time remembering that oil very often drips in the garage and so I needed a floor that could easily be wiped cleaned. I also needed a non-slip floor.
I found your Fortelock and installed it in a few hours. My father has a similar problem in his garage, and when he saw the result he started thinking about it as well…”

Philipp Masin, garage owner

Details of the installation
Area25 m2
Material usedFortelock Light 2050 Gray
Year of installation2016


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