Even in the beautiful spaces of a flower shop can you find Fortelock PVC floor tiles. As a floor, it not only perfectly underlines the overall impression, but also fulfills the requirements for shop operations. Flowers need humidity, but that can provide the basis for the formation of mold on the floor and the surrounding walls. A system of drainage channels ensures the bottom of the floor is ventilated and so prevents the formation of mold. The simple and fast installation of Fortelock tiles shortens the time for renovation and so does not limit the operation of the store.

What the client says:

We needed a quick solution for a much damaged concrete floor. An important requirement was for the new surface to bear the frequent movement of carts carrying heavy loads.
In addition, we can afford to be closed for two days out of the year, so we needed to have the floor ready in the
shortest time possible. Because we were able to try Fortelock in the busiest place, we decided unequivocally to go for it.
We can now see other advantages in addition to the quality of the tiles for heavy loads and the ability to install them while still operating. There is
no gliding on the floor and if a single tile becomes damaged, we can immediately replace it.
The first quote showed that it would cost more money, but then when I calculated how much it would cost to close up the shop, and moreover when I see the other advantages, we are completely satisfied and are considering installing Fortelock in the other part of the shop.

Barcai, shop supervisor

Details of the installation
Location Bratislava
Area 500 m2
Material used Fortelock Industry 2020 Graphite
Year of installation 2014

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