Black and white garage

After searching for a universal floor for the garage, Fortelock PVC floor tiles were chosen. Based on a delivered sample, the owners decided to try it for the floor in their garage. And how did it go and what do they say?

What the owner says:

“We had a sample sent to us, we liked the material and found it interesting. It’s something new. The price is slightly higher than ordinary tiles, but we believe that we will be satisfied.  We have a new building, so we put tiles on concrete. The installation we did ourselves, it wasn’t difficult at all. Due to inexperience, we were unable to keep it level and so it was a problem to move the entire area. Finally, we dealt with it by finishing off the edges.”

Detaily realizace
Carried out for Garage floor, Czech Republic
Location CZ
Surface 60 m2
Used material Fortelock Graphite, Grey 2020
Year of installation 2017

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