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A few months after the floor installation, we asked our customer from Slovakia a few questions about his satisfaction with the Fortelock floor. Find out how satisfied the customer is with the floor and how he takes care of it.

• Several months have passed since the installation. How satisfied are you with the floor?
I must say that I am very satisfied with the floor so far. I chose the Fortelock floor for my garage in a color combination that matches my car. I wanted a designer floor that would be durable and easy to install. Fortelock fulfilled it before the installation and is still fulfilling it now.

• You laid the floor yourself. How do you remember about the installation ?
I laid the floor myself. It went really quick and everything was fine. Laying took about a few hours. To lay the floor I only needed a few basic things – a knife, a meter and a marker. Since I didn’t have to repair or penetrate the original floor, the whole process was really easy.

• How would you rate the floor endurance?
So far, the floor endurance is really good. No problem has emerged yet .
I load the floor in the garage a lot so I am pleasantly surprised.

• What about maintenance and cleaning?
Maintenance is easy. I clean the floor with a mop using water and a cleaning product. It’s no problem.

• Is there anything you would do differently today?
I wouldn’t change anything. I carefully considered the choice of color and design before buying, so I am satisfied.

Do you remember this reference?

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