Warehouse stock SALE of Fortelock PVC Tiles

During July 2018, you have a unique opportunity to buy Fortelock Tiles at a discounted price directly from the producer.

Do not miss this opportunity and enjoy:

– a great price of coloured tiles
– a purchase without additional extra fees
– a floor immediately read for shipping

Enliven your space with coloured tiles

Do you need to repair your garage or workshop floor? There’s nothing easier than laying tough pieces of quality PVC on the original surface and be done with in a few minutes.

For now the sale includes tiles of II. group colours at a discounted price. Tiles for high and medium loads along with diamond, leather or coin pattern are available in Red, Orange, Purple, Light Blue, Light Green and Electric Blue colour.

How to buy?

  1. Click and check the offer and quantity of available tiles: Available stock

Amount = number of tiles in sale
Ordered = tiles already booked by another customer
Available = available for sale

  1. Pick the type, pattern and colour of the tiles
  2. Contact our Salesman, let him know the type, quantity and colour of the tiles you would like to buy. Do not forget to add your contact info.
  3. After that we will send you a prepayment invoice and your tiles will be be set aside.
  4. Once we receive your payment, we’ll send the tiles to your address.

Available stock

Same price for all Tiles in Sale

Average retail price of coloured Tiles: 10,30€/1pcs

Sale price: 6,82€/1pcs

On average you save: 3,48€/1pcs

Average discount: 33%

VAT not included. The price of the Tiles does not include the shipping charge. For information regarding the shipping price contact our Salesman.

Tiles available in this offer contain pieces of different batches. Therefore, these sale items sold through our website are not subject of claims regarding their color difference, aesthetic imperfections or surface stains. Complaints can only be applied to technical parameters and features of the tiles.

This sale is limited to listed stock only and is valid in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France. For details please contact our Salesman. In case of a larger number of tiles not in stock or in case of a requirement requiring production or uniformity of the batch, the tile production fee will be charged according to the valid price list.