Mobile flooring – not only at trade fairs and exhibitions


Anyone can choose an ordinary floor, but to look for a mobile variety you can bring anywhere, put together, use, take apart and haul away again, that’s something not so ordinary. It’s no wonder if you haven’t navigated all the options available to you.

And what are these options?

There are countless. You can find mobile floors on the market specially designed for ice rinks, exhibitions, dance halls and other uses. This is perhaps a good way to go for organizations that regularly organize a certain type of event. Otherwise, it’s better to buy something universal, good for a garden party, trade fair and in the garage. Instead of storing it in the attic or basement, you can continuously use the floor. It will lie stacked up perhaps in the garage or basement and only when the time comes will you take it out and lend it for use elsewhere.

Floor design

Modular floors usually come in the form of tiles that can be put together simply or taken apart. You buy as many as you need for the given surface. But there’s still one more option.

If you’re looking for a floor for a smaller area, an entire panel could be the answer for you. Ordinary modular floors must be put together as the name suggests, while with a panel you only lay it on the surface and that’s it. These panels are made of plastic, but handling them is more difficult. One person certainly cannot manage it alone and you also have to reckon with the fact of getting it there – will it fit in your car?

What features to think about?

First of all, there’s speed. You need to put the floor together and take it apart quickly. Most mobile floors use a system of interlocking tiles similar to Fortelock PVC tiles. Specifically, for putting down Fortelock tiles you need nothing more than a rubber hammer to help you snap the tiles together. You can even do it without somebody to help even though two is better than one. Of course, it depends on the size of the surface.

Easily relocated

We’ve already touched upon another important feature while discussing whole plastic panels. A mobile floor should be lightweight and easy to relocate. The vast majority of these floors are plastic, so they don’t weigh too much. In the event you will really need a lot of them (to cover, for example, an entire ice rink), the best is to connect several tiles to each other and haul them in on pallets.

High durability

Tiles to be often disassembled, transported and used at social events should also be able to last for some time. Expect a big burden, and not just the weight. Women walk around on them in high heels, tables and chairs stand on them – don’t they make holes in them? Keep in mind that if a PVC floor is built in a place where agricultural machinery rolls on and it can withstand the drop of a hammer, then it will surely last.

Strong locks

The locks should also be strong. The floor will be assembled and disassembled often, which could lead to a lack of firmness in the locks snapping in place. If it works in the beginning without any problems, it’s possible it will occur sooner or later. If you need a hammer in order to snap the locks into place, as for example with Fortelock, then you need not worry. Such locks simply won’t allow it.

Anti-slip treatment

Finally, it’s important to ensure safety. If you are responsible for any event and someone slips on the floor and gets hurt, you will have nothing but trouble from it. That’s why you need to choose a floor with anti-slip treatment, especially if your event will take place outdoors.

Use mobile floors both as an individual and company

The situations where you might need a bit of flooring with you are innumerable. Perhaps it’s been many times when you haven’t realized that having something firm beneath your feet provides better comfort.

Garden parties

For example, in organizing various garden celebrations with large tents, a mobile floor would be more than a good addition. The tent will protect you from the rain, but grass soaks up water and all of you will be wallowing with wet shoes in the mud.

Floor protectors

Modular floors will also help you protect other people’s property. Let’s take as an example an emergency situation. You are organizing a banquet in the rented hall of the culture house for a lot of guests and you’re expecting a boisterous celebration. The floor is clearly at risk from streaks from shoe soles, depressions from the legs of tables and chairs or stains from variously spilled drinks. As the tenant, you will of course have to pay for any damage.

Floor at the trade fair

Those of you who regularly travel to various trade fairs, exhibitions and promotions will certainly want to have your own bit of flooring. Maybe you have already noticed that some companies have built their stands on their own surfaces. Compared to the others, your stand will look more interesting because no one else is likely to have the same floor. Combine the colors of your floor so that they match the colors of your company.

The transformation of your floor

Floors that can be assembled and disassembled are used in various one-time events. Use them wherever you need to change the floor quickly – they can help you turn an ice rink or football stadium into a concert hall, or an ordinary gym into a dance hall, where the parquet would otherwise be too slippery for the dancers.

The choice is yours

Do you have at least some idea about the parameters going into your choice? Choosing a specific floor is difficult because everyone prefers something different. Fortelock PVC tiles are just one of the many possibilities, so explore the market and perhaps we’ll meet up again.

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