How to renovate an old concrete floor


You typically find a concrete floor in garages, boiler rooms and in smaller halls. They are usable for a long time, but once they reach their age, you need to renovate them. Over time they become crumbly and fractured in places. You have the option here of demolishing it and making a new one or only reinforcing it. Is the best option PVC interlocking floor tiles, painting the concrete or classic floor tiles?

Painting is not as easy as it might seem

The cheapest and seemingly simplest option is to paint the concrete. Doing it, however, is quite complicated. First, you must clean and level out the floor, and it’s even recommended polishing the surface with a special grinder. The paint needs to be applied in multiple layers, where the top coat should be the strongest – due to stress.


  • Cheap solution,
  • Creates a uniform appearance of the floor.


  • Choosing a smooth paint makes it slippery,
  • Chemicals, warm tires and winter salt damage it.

The worst part about a new concrete floor is demolishing the old one

Betting again on concrete is another option. Putting a new layer on an existing, cracked one is not recommended, because it won’t be able to bear it. If it will have to withstand a major load (for example, in a garage), then it is especially the wrong choice. Making the new floor itself is easy, but demolition work is a huge waste of time.


  • Very quick to lay,
  • Long-standing heavy objects and cabinets will not damage it.


  • Waiting for maturation is necessary,
  • It’s cold without insulation,
  • If you don’t demolish the old floor yourself, the price rises considerably.