Warehouse, Slovakia

The installation of the Fortelock PVC floor tiles in 2017 has saved the next owner of the warehouse a lot of worry with the damaged floor. What were the requirements, what was expected from the floor, and what are the benefits of hindsight?

Needing a new floor and choosing one

It was time to get a new floor when the old concrete floor started peeling. Our customer was no longer interested in concrete, mostly because of time concerns. Fortelock was considered a faster variant and the customer also appreciated the possibility of dismantling and relocating it.

The reasons for Fortelock

The choice came down to the properties of the Fortelock tiles. In the words of the customer, the real value is the ease of maintenance, quick installation and the aesthetic quality of the tiles. Our dealer explained everything to us, including the parameters, delivery terms and other details. The client has also come to appreciate over time how much more pleasant the floor is for standing or walking on.

Installation and assembly of Fortelock tiles

As we already mentioned, the client was very interested in the opportunity to install the floor alone. He also appreciated the fact that it was not necessary to scrub the warehouse as needed when casting concrete. It took roughly one day to lay the tiles and involved the work of two people. The tiles were laid without any gluing, just a few corners needed cutting. The owner of the warehouse was pleased that the floor was immediately ready to use and he did not have to stop the operation of the warehouse.

Satisfaction with Fortelock

The client appreciates the speed of installing Fortelock PVC tiles and adds that it is basically maintenance-free and can stand the operation of a forklift on it: “I would definitely recommend Fortelock. It is good not only for garages and car repair shops, but it also goes well in larger halls with an area of 1000 m2.

Warehouse owner
Carried out forWarehouse owner
Material usedFortelock Industry ECO Grey
Year of installation2017