Production facility, Germany

A company engaged in the production of plastics needed to replace its original concrete floor. Why did they opt for Fortelock? The needs, requirements and the reasons that led another of our customers to choose a new floor you will learn about below.

Needing a new floor and choosing one

The reason for changing the floor was mostly on account of high levels of dust. The customer was looking for a floor that would not create a lot of dust like concrete does. From the new floor they wanted mostly easier maintenance and less dust. Important for the client was the possibility of laying the floor with their own workforce without the need of an external company.

The reasons for Fortelock

The client learned about Fortelock PVC floor tiles from the Internet, and had decided from the beginning for a PVC floor because ceramic tiles and concrete had been completely ruled out. Fortelock was chosen on account of its fast installation and the appearance of the tiles. Another positive point for Fortelock was price, because it proved to be a less expensive option compared to others.

Additional requirements for the floor

Stability was also important in the selection because forklift trucks would stand and drive on the floor. Additional requirements for the new floor included protection against skids so as to prevent the formation of smudges.

Installation and assembly of Fortelock tiles

The workforce of the client managed the installation alone, without the help of an external company. The preparation of the substrate took one day, the actual laying of the tiles took two days. A worker of the company describes the installation as hassle-free: “One of the main reasons why we decided to go with Fortelock was the fact that the installation took less time and preparation than they would, for example, with a concrete floor.

Satisfaction with Fortelock

In addition to the speed of installation, the customer also appreciates the benefit that makes Fortelock stand out in comparison with other industrial floors – when moving and walking about the floor, the employees feel its “softness”, therefore giving them added comfort during work. The customer adds that they have not met with any disadvantages of the floor and they assess it as very positive overall.

Details of the installation
LocationProduction hall in Germany
ProductFortelock Industry ECO Grey
Year of completion2017