Production, Czech Republic

Our another customer was launching production of electro bicycles and in this context he needed to repair the old floor placed in the premises. Which options was he considering and what convinced him to choose Fortelock’s PVC Tiles?

The need for a new floor and choosing one

An important requirement of the customer, which influenced the selection of the new floor, was sufficient softness of the floor. The main reason for this was to prevente damage to bicycles and their parts in case they fall to the ground. Concrete flooring was therefore inappropriate.

Other requirements during the selection were maintenance, easy cleaning and thermal insulation of the floor. The old floor was hard to clean and cold. By considering the issue of thermal insulation the client wanted to make the working environment more comfortable for his employees.

In his own words, he was looking for “rubber tiles” able to cover the original surface and meet the above mentioned requirements. At the time of the selection, the client was deciding among three manufacturers.

The reasons for Fortelock

The client has learned about Fortelock on our website. Finally, the price, speed of installation and the possibility of dismantling the floor in case of moving elsewhere decided: “For us it was probably the only option. If you want to have a new concrete floor, you need to raise it even a few centimeters higher. This scenario was not relevant to us.

Other requirements

Besides the material that was the main criterion, the price, speed of assembly and the possibility of installing the floor one your own was also important for the client: “It was crucial that we will be able to finish the floor by ourselves. First of all, it was because our workers were not busy enough at the moment. This way they had a thing to do. Secondly, assembling the floor by ourselves had also affected the final price.

Installation the Fortelock Tiles

The possibility of quick installation was a great advantage for the client. The assembly itself, carried out by 5 employees, lasted only a few hours and there were no complications. Overall, the assembly was quick and easy: “After we layed the tiles, we did not do anything else. We left it so and it was ready for use.

Satisfaction with Fortelock

The client particularly appreciates better maintenance and thermal insulation compared to ceramic tiles. He considers Fortelock as safer with a better surface. He and his employees feel more comfortable walking on Fortelock than on the original paving. Moreover he adds: “If the electric bike falls to the ground, it does not end scratched.

Details of the installation
Carried out for Production
Location Czech Republic
Area 110m2
Material used Fortelock ECO Black
Year of installation 2017