Office, Czech Republic

The possibilities of application of Fortelock flooring is very wide. This time we would like to present a client who needed a new floor for his office, because his old carpet did not suit him anymore due to its dustiness and difficult maintenance. What other elements did he consider and what convinced him to opt for Fortelock?

The need for a new floor and the decision-making process

Apart from the dustiness, it was also important that the floor be easily dismantled given that the air ventilation was laid there: “This carpet here was quite worn-out and it generated a lot of dust. The workers observed regularly little dust particles on their clothing. The change was necessary. At the same time, the ventilation pipes run through the floor, it was visible, and it didn’t look good because we had to cut the carpet several times.”

When choosing the flooring material, the client has been considering a number of options. Firstly, he thought of the carpet cover again, then linoleum, floating floor and finally Fortelock. The recommendation to choose our floor came from one of the three distributers the client approached. He adds he was partly influenced by the seller but that he also could make an opinion of his own as he is a construction engineer himself.

Reasons to get Fortelock

In the end, the client opted for Fortelock, not being dissuaded even by a seemingly higher price: “We thought of it as an investment that will return. It will last, and it fulfils the requirements we have.”

Complementary requirements

Except for easy maintenance and previously mentioned dustiness, also the time of the installation, long life span and uncomplicated manipulation played a role in the decision: “In case of need, we must be able to dismantle the floor, repair the ventilation, and put it back together.”

Resistance of the floor was another important criterion for the customer. The material had to be suitable for offices and withstand the heavy weight of the counters: “We needed the floor to last. The ladies who work there often wear high-heel shoes and constantly move on their castor chairs.”

Lastly, the time issue was essential as the office must have been temporarily moved to different premises during the floor replacement.


The environmental question was important for this client. Environmentally friendly methods are certainly an advantage of the manufacturer: “We have ISO and use up to 90% of recycled or recyclable material. As far as the floor was concerned, there was no need to ask any questions, the distributor showed and explained us everything without asking.”

Installation of the Fortelock floor

The laying process was carried out by a professional company and its four employees in three stages. The first preparation period took four days, the second stage three days and the last one two: “Given that we have office area to cover, it’s not as fast as in a warehouse for instance. In one simple hall you lay it with no problems whatsoever. I can imagine that if we had a squared room, we would have been able to lay the floor in four days, including battens and plinths. If you have a simple surface it’s easy.”

Satisfaction with Fortelock

The customer underlines the speed of installation and the possibility to dismantle it if need be. Particularly he appreciates the possibility to repair the floor on one’s own if damaged. As another advantage he mentions the quality of the flooring: “I was nicely surprised how soft the floor was (the employees said it was like walking on a softer carpet). Also, I’m very happy with how the floor looks, seeing it is designed for industrial premises. The joints are practically invisible. We were a little afraid of how it was going to look in offices, but we were really surprised how well it looks.”

Details of the installation
Carried out for Offices
Location Czech Republic
Area 266m2
Material used Fortelock Industry Grey
Year of installation 2017