Garden Warehouse, Slovakia

A decision of installing Fortelock PVC tiles, due to the reconstruction of the original floor, was also made in the CUREL garden warehouse in Bratislava, Slovakia. Now, after about four years of assembly, we are happy to say that we have another regular customer. Why is it so? Find out be reading further.

The need for a new floor and choosing one

The condition of the original surface – concrete with coating – was poor. Cracks started to appear on the surface and repairing them seemed complicated.

During the selection, two main features of the new floor were important for our client – fast installation and looks. The floor had to be easy to install and aesthetic. He wanted to avoid a situation where a long-term interruption of his operations would occur due to the reconstruction. He had originally considered a new cast floor, but he already experienced cracks and wished to avoid them with the new flooring.

“The surface is quite stressed around here. There’s a lot of stuff going through and we need the floor to last a lot.”

At the beginning, our client did not care about the brand. What was important was the quality / price ratio. For our customer Fortelock met these requirements. He found our flooring system on Google and he liked the opportunity of industrial use along with the anti-skidding properties as his employees work with flowers and water is often poured on the floor.

Reasons for Fortelock

The final choice was made also thanks to the opportunity of testing the floor: “I appreciated that we had the chance to try Fortelock right here before we bought it. We received 5 square meters free of charge to see how much the floor can handle. We laid it in the door where the load is the highest. I would say that during testing, goods from several dozen of trucks passed through. The floor proved itself and passed the test, which decided.”

Installation the Fortelock PVC Tiles

Laying and assembly of the floor was not difficult for the client. The self-assembly was a positive aspect for our customer, but because of the workload of the employees, he decided to reach out to a flooring company. 550 square meters were laid during the weekend by 4 people.

Satisfaction with Fortelock

People at CUREL garden warehouse in particular appreciate the laying speed of the tiles and their immediate usability. They further consider the floor as “simple to repair”: “Fortelock is easy to repair if one piece gets damaged and is immediately prepared for usage. We can not stop the our operations for 3 or 4 days, that’s unimaginable for us.”

Regular customer

Satisfaction with the Floor features is proven not only by the words of the client, but especially by extending the area in which Fortelock is laid. After four years of using the first 550 square meters, he decided for another 500. How did the installation go can be found in a video on our Facebook along with our latest news.

Details of the installation
Carried out for CUREL Garden Warehouse
Location Slovakia
Area 550 + 500 m2
Material used Fortelock
Year of installation 2015 + 2018