Garage, Switzerland

Now we come to the next garage where the owner has decided to go with the Fortelock floor. What led him to this decision and what issues did he deal with in making the choice? What did he expect from the floor and what were his requirements?

Needing a new floor and choosing one

Our client was forced to replace the original epoxy floor as it did not hold out as much as hoped and was worn. Tires were “etched” into the floor because it was not resistant to such pressure. In addition, it was harder to maintain.

So the client was not looking to cast the new floor. He began looking for a surface that would be resistant to high loads and easy to clean. High resistance was the fundamental criterion in this case: “…the floor must be able to take it.” The possibility of laying the floor himself also played a role in his choice.

The reasons for Fortelock

Our customer found Fortelock on the Internet, as he previously knew nothing about it, and so his interest was piqued: “They wrote that it could withstand high loads, that it is robust. They had nice colors to choose from. The ease of installation for the lay person also convinced me.

Additional requirements for the floor

Other parameters that were important for the customer included anti-slip protection, resistance to abrasion and dimensional stability: “Since the floor is in a garage, where it is mostly dark, we did not really care about its stability in light. “But we plenty cared about the dimensional stability because the floor would be subjected to the weight of the car.” Another basic requirement was no smudge marks from tires on the floor.

The environment

In choosing the floor, the client was not so concerned about environmental aspects, but later said, “If Fortelock is made from recycled or recyclable material, that is excellent news.

Installation and assembly of Fortelock tiles

Installing the floor took a little longer than the customer expected, but he added that it was mainly due to the peculiar shape of the space. The tile had to be cut for certain places. Laying the tiles took two days. The fact that the tiles did not need to be glued was also noted. The client uses an ordinary cleaning agent for maintenance.

Satisfaction with Fortelock

Fortelock gave the client our supplier Thiel Morefloor, whose reliability was praised by the client. He appreciated the timely deliveries. According to the customer, Fortelock PVC floor tiles meet the expectations of what they are advertised for. He highlights their ease of installation, maintenance, nice colors and the fact that if cars are parked on it for quite some time, no traces of it can be found on the floor.

Details of the installation
Carried out forGarage owner
Material usedFortelock Industry Graphite
Year of installation2017