Car Shop, Germany

Our other customer is a owner of a newly-established car shop with an area of 140 m2. In the premises he chose for his new business there was an old, original concrete floor, which of course he wanted to replace. How did he get to Fortelock and what convinced him to buy it?

The need for a new floor and choosing one

The old concrete flooring was no longer suitable because of its high dustiness and hardness of the surface. In the case of heavy cars, their tires deform if parked on hard surface for a longer time. Our client also states that it was important that he could manage the whole process of replacing the floor by himself with the help of his 8-year old son. The new floor was meant as a family project.

At the beginning he considered ceramic tiles and his friends also recommended him coatings on the concrete floor. It was not an option for the client though. He saw using ceramic tiles or concrete coating more difficult and time inefficient.

He learned about Fortelock on the internet while searching for vinyl tiles which do not contain any softeners. He found these features in our PVC Tiles.

The reasons for Fortelock

Despite the fact that Fortelock was not less expensive than other considered solutions, the client decided to buy it. His decision was based on Fortelock’s characteristics. After time, he is satisfied with this decision. The “Do it yourself” feature along with the suitability for vehicles and the speed of installation were crucial elements of the decision: “Whether I have had concrete or ceramic tiles, I could not use any of that right after the installation. With Fortelock I layed tiles on one side of the room, moved the stuff on the finished side and continued with the other half. It went down really great.”

Other requirements

In addition to the features mentioned above, stability and thickness of the new floor were also important for the customer. He was also interested in Fortelock’s pattern options. Among the three Fortelock offers – diamonds, leather and coins, he finally decided for diamonds which imitated steel to him.

Within the features that Fortelock has and offers, our client was particularly interested in anti-slip, because of the occasional drip of oil or water. In order to ensure the dimensional stability of our PVC Tiles, he left the packages laying in the car shop for one week in its natural room temperature. It was clear to him that vinyl tiles may change their size a bit at various temperatures, so he let them to adapt to the conditions.


In this case the car shop owner did not consider the ecological aspect, but he wanted to be sure, that his new floor will not contain softeners that could damage car tires.

Installation the Fortelock Tiles

As already mentioned, it was very important for the customer that he could reconstruct the floor by himself, ideally as simple and as fast as possible. The tiles were layed with the help of his son, he did not consider help from a flooring company at all. Together they managed to lay 140 square meters in 6 hours. Tile preparation and cutting edges took approximately two hours. He considers the assembly to be completely seamless: “It was really crazy, how fast and easy it was to install the new floor, even my eight-year-old son with a rubber hammer had no problem. We did not use any glue and the floor could be used and loaded immediately.”

The only minor and small complication was when cutting small pieces about 2 cm on the edges of the tiles. He adds, however, that he does not consider this a disadvantage and that this is a problem of every material. At the end of the assembly, they just vacuumed the new floor.

Satisfaction with Fortelock

Our customer appreciates that the dust in the place has been reduced, it does not contain softeners and also highlights the Fortelock’s installation. He also involved his son, and enjoyed a lot of fun while working on puzzle. He is happy and satisfied with the floor and recommends Fortelock to all of his friends.

Project details
Placement Car Shop
Location Germany
Area 140m2
Product Fortelock ECO Black
Year 2017