The floor in a restaurant

The aesthetic appearance of a restaurant floor should not only be consistent with the interior and pleasing to the eye of the customer, but it should also be durable, smooth and easy to keep clean. A stylish and comfortable floor is literally the foundation of every such business, where each day hundreds of people come to relax and spend time in a pleasant atmosphere. It’s for such locations that we have created Fortelock Decor tiles.

Fortelock tiles work perfectly with an interior based on classical elegance, but also with modern designs. They don’t become damp; they can withstand abrasion and impacts and are slip resistant.

A correctly chosen floor is essential for areas where food is stored. It should meet health conditions, be anti-slip, durable and adapted to intensive use. Vinyl tiles meet these requirements and are also anti-static and flame-retardant, which greatly increases safety.

Our design
The design of Fortelock Decor tiles are pleasing to the eye and can withstand daily intensive use. They can be easily combined with practically any interior. The different color options and ease of installation allow you to create a unique composition. The floor requires no polishing or waxing throughout the course of its life.

Benefits of PVC interlocking floor tiles

  • Reconstruction requires only minimal interruption of service – fixing the floor takes only a few hours
  • Individual components can be combined and adapted to the color scheme of the surroundings, according to your own vision and preferences
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Easy to replace damaged or dirty tiles
  • Withstanding the movement of chairs
  • A system of air channels prevents the formation of mold on the floor
  • Minimal surface preparation = time savings: up to 55% faster than in the case of gluing tiles
  • You typically don’t need any glue = lower cost and time-saving installation
  • Very durable system of locks
  • Increasing the quality of the interior atmosphere
  • Reducing noise and vibration

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