Floors for retail, wholesale trade

Would you like to fulfill your dreams and build a high-quality and popular business where your customers are glad to keep going back to? Whether you are mulling over your plans that are still only on paper or you are preparing to renovate your original business spaces, give some thought about choosing the right floor covering.

Don’t forget about your own experience. The impressions you take with you from the store are influenced not only by the purchase itself but also the perfect environment. Create yourself a space where your customers will feel relaxed and comfortable. With the Fortelock Decor floor, you can give your store an unmistakable atmosphere and contribute to enhancing the value of your brand.

The simple installation allows you to repair your original floor in the shop in just a few hours. There’s no need to interrupt your sales or place restrictions on your customers.

Tip for you

In commercial spaces we recommend you use Fortelock Industry and Light tiles, primarily in zones such as staff areas, corridors, storage rooms, changing rooms, and so on. The floor is characterized by high durability, easy maintenance, and provides a suitable surface for fork-lift trucks.

Do you need your employees to feel safe? Simplify their orientation in the shop and facilities with designated lanes or other markings of the sales area. All Fortelock Industry and Light tiles can be connected and combined together. You can create color modulations and zones.

Advantages of PVC interlocking floor tiles

  • Replacing “overnight”
  • Durable against heavy loads and static pressure
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning, which will save you costs
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Quick replacement of damaged parts
  • Minimizing the preparation of the substrate = time savings: 55% faster than gluing the product
  • No glue is needed in most cases = lower cost and time savings on installation
  • Renovation with minimal disruption of operations – you do not have to close up your business for days, just a few hours
  • Good for high volume traffic

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