Industrial floors

The right choice of a floor good for an industrial environment is affected by many factors. In industry, it is extremely important to make sure the floor is not only resistant to high stress and wear and tear, but that it is also practical and safe. Correctly chosen flooring in industry can help create an attractive, productive, clean and mainly safe environment there.

Fortelock Industry PVC floor tiles are manufactured using state of the art mold injection machines, which creates highly resistant, homogeneous tiles, specifically designed for all industrial areas.

Tip for you

Cracks or dents caused by various objects falling are typical for industrial floors. Repeated repairs to damaged floors are not only costly, but also limit operations. The undeniable advantage of Fortelock Industry tiles is the ability to fix individual parts of the tiles while production is still in full operation.

Advantages of PVC interlocking floor tiles

  • High mechanical resistance to wear and tear
  • Excellent chemical resistance thanks to a non-porous surface
  • 100% reparability and renewability
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning of the surface
  • Durability against forklift wheels
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Minimizing the preparation of the substrate = time savings: 55% faster than gluing the product
  • No glue is needed in most cases = lower cost and time savings on installation
  • Renovation with minimal disruption of operations – you do not have to close up your production operation for days, just a few hours
  • Very resilient interlocking system

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