Garage or tire shop floors

The flooring in garages and tire shops are characterized by specific requirements for durability, maintenance and functionality. A normal floor must be able to withstand the weight of cars and motorcycles, but also trucks. Another very common problem is the dripping of engine and machine fluids. Oil, fuel and other petroleum products can disturb the appearance and properties of the floor. Fortelock Industry and Fortelock Light homogeneous PVC floor tiles are especially used here on account of operational effects such as tire skids, for driving in and standing areas, for braking and driving off. This is thanks to a strong layer of 100% PVC, which is highly resistant to stress, chemicals and surface water.

Did you know?

If you have a problem with the capillary action of groundwater, you will appreciate the system of drainage channels that run from the lower layer of each tile. This way you can be sure that your floor is constantly ventilated, protecting it from mold forming even on the surrounding walls.

Tip for you

Thanks to their toughness and flexibility, both types of Fortelock floors actively reduce stress on the joints when standing for a long time, and they provide thermal and sound insulation, which is especially appreciated by workers inside tire shops and auto repair garages, who spend most of their day there.

Advantages of PVC interlocking floor tiles

  • High mechanical resistance to wear
  • No more complicated factory treatment or additional hardening treatment of the original surface
  • Excellent chemical resistance thanks to a non-porous surface
  • 100% reparability and renewability
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning of the surface
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Minimizing the preparation of the substrate = time savings: 55% faster than gluing the product
  • No glue is needed in most cases = lower costs and time savings
  • Very resilient interlocking system
  • Renovating the space will take you only a couple hours, not days, so you need not worry about turning away your customers

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