Floors for surgeries and the health care industry

Hospitals and other health care centers that come into contact with patients have a common factor, and that is the need for high-quality floor coverings. Every ordinary surgery must comply with strict health and hygiene regulations. The floors in the spaces must always be clean and must also be frequently disinfected. Ideally, they should also be able to withstand heavy traffic caused by the constant flow of people.

Fortelock tiles excel in resistance to wear and scratching, allow you to repair damaged points, have high resistance to the contamination of surfaces and prevent the formation of a wide variety of bacteria. The material of the tile literally guarantees the required hygiene and easy maintenance.

This type of flooring is especially recommended for hospital rooms, surgeries, waiting rooms, corridors or the reception area.

Did you know…

The correctly chosen floor will make it easier for you to have the unwanted transmission of infections under control and to limit the spread of hospital contagions.

Advantages of PVC interlocking floor tiles

  • Welcoming atmosphere
  • High stress resistance
  • Easy to clean, resistant to chemicals and disinfectants
  • Optimal hygiene for rooms in intensive care units
  • Reduced noise
  • Good air quality indoors
  • No formation of mold under the floor
  • Minimizing the preparation of the substrate = time savings: 55% faster than gluing the product
  • No glue is needed in most cases = lower cost and time savings on installation
  • Renovation with minimal disruption of operations – you do not have to close up your hospital for days, just a few hours

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