Children’s game rooms and indoor playgrounds

Indoor playgrounds are great places that entertain children even when the weather is not good. We often find them in shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops, or department stores.

In order for children to be active and to explore the various areas of the playground, they have to like the environment, enjoy the attractions, and feel safe. Therefore, it is necessary to also consider floor systems. The PVC Fortelock tiling provides a safe and pleasant surface that does not feel cold. The specially designed pattern reduces the risk of slipping, even when children are running around in socks.

The PVC Fortelock tiling is suitable for any play surface in an indoor playground; it absorbs noise, keeps the floor warm, and provides comfort for sitting, walking and crawling children.

Children spend most of their play time on the floor. The advantage of the PVC Fortelock DECOR tiling is that it does not get cold and you do not have to worry that your child is going to get cold. Also, children sometimes make the floor dirty. Therefore, you should choose a floor that is easy and fast to clean; you will save a lot of time and worries, and you can use that time for play.
When selecting a floor for a children’s area, you should also consider the neighbours who will definitely appreciate good acoustic properties. In short, a proper floor for a children’s playground should be maximally aesthetic, functional and practical.

Tip for you

You should think ahead and avoid spending money on fashion fads that do not last very long. Invest into a high-quality, neutral floor that will grow with your child.

Advantages of the PVC interlocking tiles

  • Pleasant surface even for bare feet – the floor is not cold
  • Resistance to water and humidity
  • Suitable for people with allergies – no mould under the floor
  • Sanitary material
  • Absorbs impacts, reduces noise
  • Pleasant look
  • Easy to clean and maintain, no special preparations required
  • Spectrum of combinable colours
  • The floor maintain temperature in the room, is not cold
  • Minimisation of foundation preparation = time saving: by 55% faster than when product is glued
  • No glue is required = low costs and installation time saving
  • Floor restoration will not take days, but only hours

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