Business Area

Choosing the ideal floor for your office might be hard because of all the criteria that you have to take into account. It also a very important decision since the flooring choice will affect the atmosphere of your working place and will also give an image of your company for the visitors. So not only the floor contributes to the office’s esthetic but it also has to answer to requirements as comfort and functionality.

Fortelock Decor is the newest member of our product line of vinyl flooring tiles. Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for business area because this kind of floor is resistant to damage and resilient. Fortelock Decor is available in different colors and designs which will help you to give a stylish touch to your office. The noise isolation qualities of the tiles help you to create a quiet and calm working place where everybody can focus on his task while the visual elements used on the pavement will make the place cozier. And let’s not forget about the easy cleaning and maintenance of the PVC tiles!

Use the Fortelock Decor vinyl tiles in offices, meeting and waiting rooms, corridors and staircases in order that your employees feel good at their workplace and be happy with their environment. The installation of the Fortelock PVC tiles is extremely easy and fast, you can even take care of on your own, there is no better team building exercise than renovating the common spaces together.


Vymezte veřejný prostor pro návštěvníky použitím jiného dekoru. Všechny dlaždice jde navzájem spojovat mezi sebou.

Advantages of Fortelock Decor tiles

  • Quick and fast installation
  • Elegant appearance
  • Unique design solutions
  • Easy replacement of damaged or dirty parts
  • Resistance to the effects of rolling chairs
  • Minimizing the preparation of the substrate = time savings: 55% faster than gluing the product
  • No glue is needed in most cases = lower cost and time savings on installation
  • No glue is needed in most cases = lower cost and time savings on installation
  • Good for high volume traffic
  • Very resilient interlocking system
  • Noise isolation qualities = silent workplace
  • Improving air quality indoors
  • Reducing noise and vibration
  • A drainage system of channels prevents the formation of mold on the floor

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